Despite all the bad things happening in the war-torn world of [[Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance tGA]], it also gives a few precious heartwarming moments between characters.


* After rescuing his wife Marya from the warlock Arawn Losstarot's fortress, Kagetsu finds out that Marya has been raped by Arawn and is pregnant with his child. Despite knowing that Kagetsu is furious about what happened to her and the fact that she carries his hated enemy's child, Marya cautiously mentions that despite her ordeals she wants to keep the child in order to raise it into a good person who will finally break the Losstarot curse. Kagetsu has an answer ready as soon as he's heard Marya out and shows his true character.
--> Kagetsu spoke in a near whisper. "If you wish to bear this child, then bear it. I do not care who the father is, we will raise it as our own. What makes a person who they are is the environment in which they live."
* After Raul is left to take care of Nyanna without Nesa around for a little while in Alent, he tells Nyanna a little of what he thinks about Nesa and tries to teach her the more positive parts of his wisdom. When she begins to want for a toy, knowing Nesa and her aren't as wealthy as he's become with his extensive skillset, he gets her the toy by buying it so that she wouldn't learn bad lessons. Granted, he would have ''taught'' her how to steal it if he didn't know Nesa wouldn't approve.
** Again, when Raul brings Nyanna back, and he starts walking off from Nesa after assuring him that Nyanna was fine, Raul hears Nesa call out that he wouldn't mind if Nyanna grew up more like Raul. Instead of using this over time to get Nyanna to be the Union's, or his, tool, Raul laughed it off.
** And again with Nyanna, when in Alent it's revealed that Nesa was plagued in the Union safehouse, Raul noticed Nyanna about to come in and see Nesa during a weak moment, and instantly stopped her, telling her that Nesa was being heroic and making sure she wouldn't see Nesa fall apart, or be at risk to the plague. Later he told Nesa that he'd protect Nyanna from anything, as he'd promised, even if that means protecting her from Nesa himself.
* While small, Arcturius and Illyria's farewell after all they had been through together. Even though Arcturius ultimately fails in convincing Illyria to stay, she does thank him for saving her and says that she was happy to have met him. The moment is capped off with a farewell hug.