Heartwarming / The Day After

  • It doesn't make what has transpired any less hopeless or depressing, but the last shot of the film is an act of human kindness.
  • Even as horrifying as nuclear war is, there are survivors. A lot of people died, and many more will succumb to disease and/or hunger, but some will survive to start over.
  • The fact that in Real Life, this film contributed to a push on both sides of the Cold War towards detente, ending a period where nuclear war fever was at its highest since the Cuban Missile Crisis. In short — we are here on TV Tropes and not radioactive ash in part because of this film. On behalf of everyone here, thank you, Mr. Meyer.
    • No less a person than Ronald Reagan made a point to thank Meyer, sending him a letter after finally making a peace treaty with Gorbachev, which read, "Don't think your movie didn't have anything to do with this...because it did."