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Tear Jerker: The Day After
  • Eve Dahlberg, in deep-seated denial, stubbornly tries to continue doing housework despite the fact that there is only a few short minutes to nuclear armageddon. After a brief struggle, Jim starts to drag her down to the cellar, while she bawls loudly in despair the entire time ...
  • Denise Dahlberg toward the end of the movie. "They gave me this ribbon to wear ... but I haven't got any damn hair to put it in to ..."
    • A deleted scene reveals the purpose of the ribbon. It's color-coded, meaning certain to die, do not waste medical attention.
    • Made even worse if you know that this is an actual practice in Real Life. Actual plans in case of actual nuclear disaster involve clipping morgue toe tags to still living individuals and other fatalistic symbols. It's a triage situation - they can't afford to waste precious resources (including the time, care, or attention of medical staff) on people who will die anyway just to spare feelings.
  • Earlier, Danny inquires about Dr. Hachiya's name, and guesses that he's Italian. Later, when Danny leaves the hospital with his dying sister and friend, he asks where Hachiya is really from.
    Hachiya: Kansas City.
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