Heartwarming / The Aquabats! Super Show!

  • Not actually in the show itself, but if you're familiar with how long it spent in Development Hell, this definitely qualifies.
  • Ricky Fitness and one of the Sirens' heads falling in love. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The ending of "Mysterious Egg".
  • In Eagleclaw, Eaglebones is a self centred jerk until the Sun Spirit calls him out on it. Eaglebones clearly takes this to heart, as later episodes, such as Pilgrim Boy, Eaglebones is the most compassionate and friendly of the team. In Return of the Aquabats his overly friendly nature even gets the team into trouble.
  • Jimmy's heart in "Floating Eye of Death".
  • Mixed with Awesome, Crash becoming giant and subsequently whaling on Space Monster M after the Commander says children all over the world are crying over the destruction of Super Magic Power Man and Lanolin Lady.
  • Jimmy's mom showing him his dad's collection of Aquabats news clippings in "Bad Apples."
    Jimmy's Mom: We're so proud of everything you've done to save the world. He's so proud.