Heartwarming / Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

  • The second half of Roll's ending in the original Cross Generation Of Heroes version of the game, which shows Huitzil from Darkstalkers and Vector from Star Gladiator displaying a newfound affinity and friendliness towards a bunch of children after being reprogrammed by Roll earlier ago. Simply touching! Too bad this part (Along with the other FMV endings) didn't make it to the Ultimate All Stars version, which was released in America.
  • In both of Viewtiful Joe's endings, he's happy after defeating the Big Bad Yami, akin to many Toku heroes after defeating the Big Bad. But suddenly, he is pulled out by a vortex. He's shown surprised, facing infront of a window of a hobby shop with figures of Tatsunoko heroes. The animated ending is then shown, complete with a rather sad tune, showing Joe crying. As turned out, he was daydreaming. If you know about Joe's admiration of the Tokusatsu heroes, and his dream being to fight along them, it surely counts. Just look at his winning quotes after defeating the Tatsunoko heroes. That was a dream came true for him, until he returns to the real world. In addition, the Cross Generation of Heroes version has Silvia showing up and offering a parasol to Joe.
  • Yatterman-1's UAS ending mixes this with a bit of CMoF, since it has Ai-chan (Yatterman-2) about to fall due to the shattering of Yami's stage, while all the Capcom & Tatsunoko heroes were running towards Yatterwan. Then, Gan rescues Ai, and they start to show their love to each other. Yatterwan runs (over the remaining heroes) to see that scene.
  • In Zero's UAS ending, Zero sees a vision of Dr Wily, who apparently had some sort of Heel–Face Turn after his death. A faint outline of the former madman could be seen giving Zero a heartwarming smile as he calls Zero his son. Although he talks about an "unfinished task" which he might be talking about Zero killing X. However, he is smiling, but not in an evil way, so he does indeed consider Zero his "son".
  • In Frank West's ending, he takes a picture of himself with some of the other fighters, bringing it back to his dimension with him, and mentioning that it'll be a part of his book... once he gets done with the whole "zombie apocalypse" thing.