Heartwarming / TNA

  • It may have been one of the most bizarre segments in Impact Wrestling, but ODB and Eric Young's marriage in a steel cage had three very "Makes Sense In Context" heartwarming moments: Their romantic montage played fittingly to Jack Johnson's "Girl I Wanna Lay You Down, ODB stripping down to show she has more body to offer Eric than either Rosita and Sarita, and Eric not only refusing the two mamacitas' advances, but stripping down himself to match ODB, and then convincing the minister to strip.
  • Jesse Sorensen's return at Destination X 2012. At the Against All Odds PPV in Febuary, he suffered a neck injury against Zema Ion and was put on the shelf and had been knocked unconscious with the doctors fearful he had been paralyzed from the neck down. At the show (Which was a highlight showcase of the X Division.) He appeared wearing a neckbrace and walking under his own will power and delivered a Promo thanking all the fans who had given him their support over the past months and promising that despite the many long months left on the road to recovery he would make it back inside the ring one day and vowed to become X Division champion.
  • Part CMOH and part CMOF but Gail Kim at Slammiversary 2007 is confronting Eric Young backstage who has to face his boss Robert Roode in a match were if he loses he will be fired from TNA and Eric is a nervous wreck moreso than usual. What does she do? She simply plants one on him and tells him to get out there and fight and that gives him the courage and motivation to go out there and win his freedom at long last.
  • At the end of the RVD Jerry Lynn match at Xtravaganza PPV which had been hyped as Lynn's last appearance in TNA as he was retiring the Locker Room empties out and pays their respects to the twenty plus year veteran who helped pave the way for the X Division and one of the Pioneers of TNA.
  • Kurt Angle being revealed as the Induction into The TNA Hall Of Fame at Slammiversary XI.
  • When Traci Brooks was still part of the company, TNA would repeatedly have little moments with Traci & Kazarian; one such example being Kazarian facing Robert Roode (Brooks' abusive boss) & sliding out of the ring to plant a kiss on Brooks, ostensibly to rile up Roode. In reality, Brooks & Kazarian have been in a relationship since 2006, having dated since she was his manager in his first TNA run; they are currently married with a son.
  • This.
  • As weird and fucked-up as their relationship is, the Decay obviously care about each other a lot. It's rather sweet.