Heartwarming: Space Station 13

  • The Captain's cats are almost always adored by the crew, and attacks against them are heinous at least, punishable by death at most.
  • Whenever a medical team is able to safe a crewman's life, or failing that, return them to life through cloning.
  • After about an hour of two Lawyers Managing to be useful by building things they have to leave the station and have the following exchange.
    • Manuel Greenwalt says, "well" Manuel Greenwalt says, "lets go" Kauyon Daniel says, "Let's" Manuel Greenwalt asks, "nothing like a hard days work eh?" Manuel Greenwalt says, "I'm gonna miss this place" Kauyon Daniel says, "Feels good to be a Laywer." Manuel Greenwalt says, "yeah" Manuel Greenwalt says, "it sure does"
  • After the escape wing was bombed, one of the doctors left the safety of the shuttle and began to drag people in crit into the shuttle, using an airtank and her own medical supplies as a makeshift vacuum protection
    • "Reed Glover says "thanks zoe!" Zoe Shacklebolt says "i'm a doctor its what i do!" Zoe Shacklebolt hugs Reed Glover to make him feel better! Reed Glover hugs Zoe Shacklebolt to make him feel better!

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