Heartwarming / Slumdog Millionaire

  • "I'll wait for you, at VT station, every day, till you come."
  • Not to forget "I came, because I thought she'd be watching."
  • And the random beggar woman at the end of the movie when Jamal is going to the studio after being cleared by the police. He thinks that she's going to ask him for money instead she goes "Beta Jeet ke anna." (English translation: Win my son!) Also qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for an extra.
  • "I thought you'd forgotten." "I never forgot."
  • The moment where Jamal kisses Latika's scar, rather than her lips.
  • Latika's When She Smiles, one of the most memorable scenes from the film. No words, yet still so beautiful.
  • The look on Jamal's face when Latika picks up the phone. Superb acting, superb emotion.
  • "D: It is written"
  • The big Bollywood dance at the end. Seriously, you can't help but smile.
  • The final Millionaire question; Jamal admits he has no idea what the answer is, but rather than be in a panic about it, he seems like he doesn't care a bit. He's just managed to speak with Latika long enough to confirm two things: she loves him, and she's finally safe. He doesn't give a damn about the money, and takes a shot at the question with an "Eh, what the hell?" attitude. And still wins!