So far, this comic has only had a few. But they've been good ones.
!! Here they are:
* You can come out now! Your sister's safe! [[ Daww...]]
* [[ShutUpKiss Buwaro's finally growing up.]] [[ *sniff*]]
* Buwaro finding out about his [[ 'father.']]
* [[ This. Just this]].
* Kieri defending her relationship with Buwaro against her brother.
* Seeing [[DontFearTheReaper Death]] [[ hugging Buwaro and saying he loves him]] is already sweet by itself. [[spoiler:Knowing that it's really a father saying that to his adoptive son is even better.]]
** [[spoiler: Darius still got to see all of his kids for a little while, even after becoming Death.]]
* [[spoiler: [[ Sahne and Kinako cuddling in their sleep]]]].
* [[spoiler: Everything from [[ here]] onward that isn't a Tearjerker]].