Heartwarming / Shenmue

The Games

  • The Orphaned Kitten side quest in the first game. You get to assist in the care of a stray kitten including giving her a name (despite some minor cases of Artistic License Animal Care).
  • After the snowy night of Christmas, Ryo goes to the Sakuragaoka's Park and finds Nozomi crying, Ryo sits down with her and after talking a little bit, Nozomi warms herself by cuddling up on him, Heartwarming!
    Nozomi: Please... just for a while... stay with me...
    (Ryo sits down alongside her)
    Nozomi: Christmas is already over...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: We didn't get to celebrate together...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: I so wanted to spend Christmas Eve with you...
    Ryo: ... Nozomi?
    (Nozomi cuddles up on him)
    Nozomi: Stay with me... for a while...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: I wish time... would just stay still.


  • In 2015, Yu Suzuki was finally convinced to put up a kickstarter to fund Shenmue III. It hits a million dollars in less than two hours. In the announcement video for the kickstarter, Suzuki mentioned that for 14 years, every time he met a gamer they'd ask him where Shenmue III was, and this response shows that the love for the franchise isn't just a hardcore vocal minority pining for a Cult Classic- when given the chance, the fans put their money where their mouths are to make the game they'd dreamed about a reality. And a few hours later, the dream came true: Shenmue 3 had reached its $2,000,000 goal within ten hours, and by the end of the campaign, reached $6,333,295 from 69,320 pledges.