Heartwarming / Shenmue

The Games

  • The Orphaned Kitten side quest in the first game. You get to assist in the care of a stray kitten including giving her a name (despite some minor cases of Artistic License Animal Care).
  • One scene that can be easily missed has Naoyuki and Ichiro visit Ryo's house shortly after Nozomi's Confession. Once Ryo gets there, they call him out and that his recent behavior is worrying Fuku-san. Not only did Fuku-san ask them to talk to Ryo, but they also assure him that they're there for him like any good friends are.
  • Almost every scene involving Nozomi is this.
    • At some point in the game, Ryo comes home to discover that Nozomi had come to deliver flowers for the altar room to honor Iwao's memory, and remembered which ones were his favorites. Ryo can also call her to thank her for them.
    • After the snowy night of Christmas, Ryo goes to the Sakuragaoka's Park and finds Nozomi crying, Ryo sits down with her and after talking a little bit, Nozomi warms herself by cuddling up on him, Heartwarming!
    Nozomi: Please... just for a while... stay with me...
    (Ryo sits down alongside her)
    Nozomi: Christmas is already over...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: We didn't get to celebrate together...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: I so wanted to spend Christmas Eve with you...
    Ryo: ... Nozomi?
    (Nozomi cuddles up on him)
    Nozomi: Stay with me... for a while...
    Ryo: ... Yeah.
    Nozomi: I wish time... would just stay still.
  • The scene where Ryo and Nozomi ride back together on the motorcycle as the song "Wish..." plays.


  • In 2015, Yu Suzuki was finally convinced to put up a kickstarter to fund Shenmue III. It hits a million dollars in less than two hours. In the announcement video for the kickstarter, Suzuki mentioned that for 14 years, every time he met a gamer they'd ask him where Shenmue III was, and this response shows that the love for the franchise isn't just a hardcore vocal minority pining for a Cult Classic- when given the chance, the fans put their money where their mouths are to make the game they'd dreamed about a reality. And a few hours later, the dream came true: Shenmue 3 had reached its $2,000,000 goal within ten hours, and by the end of the campaign, reached $6,333,295 from 69,320 pledges.