* Cosmo and Wanda's song. So. Very. Much.
** Then it becomes hilarious when Cosmos says this.
--> '''Cosmo:''' Yep. [[spoiler:"[[WeNeedADistraction Operation: Distract Jorgen with a stupid, gooey love song" works every time!]]"]]
* Also, the two have to return to Earth through the rainbow bridge, but it only has enough space for one. In a move of heroism, Cosmo pushes Wanda so she can go to Timmy, while he gets captured by the Pixies.
* Flappy Bob being reunited with his parents.
-->'''Flappy Bob:''' (''after his parents explain where they've been'') MOM! DAD! (''hugs them'')\\
'''Flappy Bob's Dad:''' And we'll never lose you again! But if we do, let's all agree to meet in Vegas!
* Wanda and Timmy's conversation after Flappy's reunion with his parents:
-->'''Timmy:''' You found his parents for him?\\
'''Wanda:''' He did say he wanted the world exactly as it should be. Hey, the pixies aren't only ones who can exploit a loophole.