! Scandal the band

! Scandal the TV series
* The military boy coming out.
* Olivia's YouAreNotAlone kind speech to Amanda
* Fitz's "Olivia... is the love of my life !".
* Abby reminding Olivia of what kind of person she is - the kind who took a tire iron to Abby's abusive husband, sued the pants off him, got her a clean divorce, and gave her a job - and the call back to it at the end of the episode when Abby votes to help Amanda.
-->''Olivia Pope is a gladiator. I would follow you ''off of a cliff'' if you asked.''
* "One Minute"
* In the season one finale, the whole team goes to bat for Quinn. [[KnightInSourArmor Bitching the whole way,]] of course, but breaking federal and personal rules to rescue her.
* In 2.02, Mellie Grant's heart-to-heart with the widow of a beloved religious leader who had been cheating on her. She clears the room, listens to the woman's confession that her upright husband had a mistress, and reveals that she knows ''exactly'' what the widow is going through.
* In 2.03, "Hunting Season," Olivia and Huck's conversation at the end.
-->''No more walking alone to your car.''
* This conversation:
--> Abby: ''You love me.''
--> David: ''I love you.''
* In the season 2 finale, when it looks like [[spoiler:David Rosen is going to turn the Defiance data in to Billy Chambers, one of the worst monsters on the show. Turns out the whole thing was a BatmanGambit to engineer a [[EngineeredPublicConfession taped confession]] out of him, and he gets appointed to a prestigious attorney position for his troubles]].
** Also in the season 2 finale, [[spoiler:Olivia realises that leaving her employees to their own devices (and the demands her issues have placed on them) has turned them into {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s. The speech she gives Grant telling him why she can't leave them also qualifies for this trope.]]
* In season 3's "We Do Not Touch The First Ladies," David gives an AnguishedDeclarationOfLove over the phone to Abby while in the trunk of a car. Abby opens the trunk, saying she loves him too. Abby and Huck fake-kidnapped David to save him from kidnappers who thought he was someone else. ItMakesSenseInContext.