* {{Jerk with a Heart of Gold}}: Niki Lauda. He could have blamed Hunt for [[spoiler:his accident at Nürburgring and the resulting burn scars.]] Instead, we get this exchange.
-->'''James Hunt:''' I feel responsible for what happened.\\
'''Niki Lauda:''' Trust me. Watching you win those races while I was fighting for my life, you were equally responsible for getting me back in the car.\\

* Also {{Jerk with a Heart of Gold}}: James Hunt. For all of his rivalry with Lauda, when a rude reporter asked Lauda [[spoiler: if his wife could possibly still love him after the accident left him badly scarred]], he tracked the reporter down and beat his face in for it.
-->'''James Hunt:''' Now go back to your wife and ask her how ''you'' look.

* Niki placing 4th in the Italian GP, mere weeks after his nearly fatal crash and still healing from the burns and skin graphs, was awesome, but the outpouring of cheers and admiration from the whole crowd, including the other teams, was heartwarming all the way. Especially since it was all for the guy who people apparently didn't really "like".

* Though Niki admits to [[EmotionallyTongueTied not being the most emotional man around,]] his relationship with Marlene is heartwarming, especially when he drops out of the Japan race because he cares more about her than he does about a race that could get him killed.

* Niki and James saluting each other before the last race.

* Niki Lauda's BittersweetEnding voiceover, particularly his final lines, regarding his relationship with Hunt:
-->'''Niki Lauda:''' People always think of us as rivals but he was among the very few I liked and even fewer that I respected. He remains the only person I envied.