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Heartwarming: Roundhouse
  • In the Christmas episode, the two songs sung are beautiful. The first, "From Roundhouse To Your House" is a tribute to the fans, wishing them all a Happy Holiday. The other song, entitled "World Be Still", is the traditional message for peace across the world. You can't help but cry when they sing.
  • In the series finale, after the ending song, David Sidoni takes one of the fortune cookies and dedicates it to their recently deceased cast mate, Dominic Lucero, before reading off the cookie.
    David: This one's for our friend, Dominic, who couldn't be here. It says, "you will be loved by all".
  • Following David's words about Dominic, Ivan Dudynsky gestures to the camera and thanks the audience for watching, saying they're a big part of the Roundhouse family, too.
  • A lot of the songs could qualify, such as The Bridge, Sunrise and I Can Dream.
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