Heartwarming / Rock Star

  • When Chris flies out to Los Angeles for his Steel Dragon audition. After shaking off his nervousness, he sings a perfect rendition of "We All Die Young" and gets offered the gig. The look of sheer joy on Chris' face makes you really believe that his biggest dream just came true.
    • Soon after, a photographer is taking publicity photos of Chris and the other members of Steel Dragon. The photographer tells Chris to give him some "rock star attitude." Chris tries to scowl, but can't stop stop smiling for very long.
  • The scene when everyone at home is watching Chris at his first press conference. His parents are thrilled, and Rob (who kicked Chris out of Blood Pollution for being too extreme in his obsession with Steel Dragon) has tears in his eyes, partly from jealousy but also in admiration for Chris' success.
  • When Chris quits the band mid-concert, he runs into Mats and gives an Meaninful Echo to how Mats earlier left his wife. Mats understands and they simply hug and say goodbye.
  • Chris and Emily's reunion at the end. Just anything concerning Chris and Emily's relationship.