Heartwarming / Red House Painters

  • The song "Wop a Din Din" off Old Ramon definitely qualifies. Sure at first listen it's simply a light sounding ode that Mark Kozelek penned about his cat, but when you have a band as melancholic as this one, it's somewhat heartwarming to hear anything lighthearted.
  • "Strawberry Hill" doubles as both this and a Tear Jerker. After going through 12 tracks of pure melancholy, the Rollercoaster album comes to it's climax. The song tells the story of when a young Kozelek first moved to California and had thoughts of suicide, and how those who cared for him where able to convince him to live on. However, the message of the song doesn't just apply to the young Kozelek, it also applies to every depressed person out who believes that they can't go on. It tells them that those who care for them (The Californians in the song) will be there to "show a new life" to the depressed. The song tells those about to take their own lives that "we know who you are" and pleads with the person considering suicide to "have a drink and talk this over" with those who care and to "think of the good things [they've] done for you." If that's not a heartwarming message, I don't know what is.
  • "San Geronimo", a upbeat, nostalgic tune about Kozelek remembering the good times he spent with his family on vacation.
  • "Things Mean a Lot", Kozelek lamenting how someone who used to mean so much to you can become that means nothing to you later. The way he sings it however, shows that he is looking forward to what's to come instead.