Heartwarming / Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

  • You know you went "D'awwww" during the scene where Tear comes outside to find Recette making the sign for the store and sees she named the store after both of them, even though Recette has good reason to distrust Tear. Why'd she do it? Because they're partners! In general, Recette's unwavering trust in Tear tends to produce one of these any time somebody else questions Tear's motives.
    • Particularly the second meeting with Griff.
    Recette: Okay, so there's a lot of stuff that I don't get, like why the sky is blue, why garlic smells bad or why lemon candy makes you pucker up! But I know more about Tear than you do! A LOT more! I've only gotten as far as I have because Tear's supported me all the way! I don't care about instinct or tricks or genohide(sic) or whatever... None of that changes what Tear's done for me! NONE OF IT, YOU HEAR?!
  • Read the description of Tielle's True Card: Rather than a card, it's a picture of Tielle and Recette together. Adorable beyond words.
  • The resolution to the series of 'Caillou standing outside the orphanage'.
  • "I think I enjoy shopping." Especially since this is the first time Arma lets herself admit she can 'enjoy' anything.
  • After the game's "ending". Griff comes back alive from his ordeal in the Obsidian Tower and finally goes shopping in Recettear as he promised. The quote before the scene cements the heartwarming moment:
    Griff: Hm. It seems my exile won't be dull, at least...
  • Arma in the plaza, observing a squirrel, which Recette scares away on accident. The resulting conversation ends with Recette calling Arma "kind", on which she ponders for a bit. It's super sweet!

Alternative Title(s): Recettear