Heartwarming / Randy Savage

  • His marriage to Miss Elizabeth (Kayfabe, since they'd already been married for years) at SummerSlam.
    • Think of it as a renewal of their wedding vows. Cue the warm, fuzzy feelings.
  • Their reunion at WrestleMania VII turns it Up to Eleven. Fans in attendance were openly crying.
    • The best moment from that was when Elizabeth, as per usual, went to hold the ropes open for Savage to leave the ring. Savage shook his head, wagged his finger, pulled Elizabeth away - and proceeded to hold the ropes open for her.
  • Overlapping heavily with Tear Jerker, Hulk Hogan's tweets following Savage's death about how they'd just started talking again and how Hogan regretted a decade of animosity between the two.