Funny / Randy Savage

  • His prediction segment for the 1994 King Of The Ring tournament pay-per-view was glorious in its randomness. It included Bam Bam Bigelow defeating Razor Ramon via "osmosis" and Bigelow defeating Jeff Jarrett in the finals after Jarrett gets distracted by a country music record producer. Vince McMahon did his best to play it straight, adding to the comedy...
    Vince McMahon: I thought you said you had money on The 1-2-3 Kid.
    Randy Savage: I did. I lost. Gotta pay up. That's okay.
  • Those promos with Queen Sherri and Zeus. A cocaine-fueled alliance if ever there was one.
  • Every other sentence, it would seem Savage would say something absurdly funny only in the way he can.
    VinceMcMahon: What a maneuver by Shawn Michaels!
    Macho Man: A knife would've been better right there.
  • "You call yourself an icon?! I don't even know what that word means, is that a bird?! Like the dodo bird, an ext—...a species that doesn't exist anymore!"
  • "The apology that you didn't give me for the mistake that you made was verrrrry, verrrry weak!"
  • "I feel like a million percent! That is better than a hundred percent!"
  • His rap album. It's brilliantly bad.
  • His cameo in Spider-Man: "Hey freak show! You're going nowherrrrre! IGOTCHAFORTHREEMINUTES! THREE MINUTES OF playtiiiime!"
  • Just about any time he was interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund. They played off each other brilliantly.
  • The Cream Of The Crop promo. Randy keeps pulling out creamers seemingly out of nowhere and even tries to balance one on his head.