Heartwarming / Rainbow Magic

  • At the end of each book series or special edition, the girls usually receive a gift from the fairies they helped.
  • Many of Jack Frost's Pet the Dog moments.
  • In Pearl the Cloud Fairy's book, Kirsty obtains a kitten from one of her neighbors and names her after Pearl.
  • Danielle the Daisy Fairy's book has Danielle giving Rebecca a gift for helping them out.
  • The end of Penny the Pony Fairy's book is both this and a funny moment.
  • In Juliet the Valentine Fairy's book, Rachel and Kirsty see a man who's desperate to buy a red rose for his sweetheart, but thanks to Jack Frost the stores are sold out. When the magic rose is brought back to Fairyland, Rachel and Kirsty make sure to get an extra rose for the man to take to his sweetheart.
  • Kirsty squeeing over seeing a baby penguin hatch in Pia the Penguin Fairy's book.
  • A goblin's Heel–Face Turn in Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy's book.
  • Olympia the Games Fairy's book has Jack Frost winning an award for being a bad sport, which is a green cabbage. He's overjoyed.
  • Cara the Camp Fairy's book has Cara giving Rachel and Kirsty an extra friendship bracelet for a little girl named Kelley, who had gotten lost earlier because of Jack Frost. When the girls give her the gift, she asks them if fairies are real. They don't reveal the secret, but they tell her as long as she believes in fairies, they're real.
  • In Elisa the Royal Adventure Fairy's book, Rachel is frozen solid by Jack Frost. Elisa tries to tell Kirsty that going in there is dangerous, but she refuses to back down because her friend is there and in trouble.
  • In Jennifer the Hairstylist Fairy's book, Rachel and Kirsty accidentally wreck a goblin's wig while trying to help Jennifer. Upon seeing his saddened reaction, they feel incredibly guilty and agree to restore it if he gives back the magic hairbrush. He agrees, and is last seen happily playing with the wig.
  • Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy's book has Kirsty sharing chocolate muffins with Rachel and Autumn. It also has an adorable picture of Kirsty blushing.
    • In the same book, the climax takes a scary turn when the girls' plan to melt the Ice Castle works too well, and Fairyland is in danger of being flooded. Jack Frost agrees to work together with Autumn to fix things, but Rachel and Kirsty can't stop thinking about it until they know things are okay.
  • In the Sugar and Spice Fairies series, each book has a fairy give the goblins some sweet treats to take back to Jack Frost.
  • Clara the Chocolate Fairy's book has an adorable picture of Rachel and Kirsty breathing in the chocolate smell.
    • When they go to Jack Frost's Candy Castle to retrieve Clara's charm, the girls find Jack Frost in tears because his goblins were eating his castle, especially a chocolate tiled floor he made of himself. Clara agrees to fix it if he gives her charm back, which he does.
  • Bailey/Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy's book is full of heartwarming as Rachel and Kirsty befriend human and fairy toddlers. One of their charges hands a plastic shovel to Rachel upon meeting her, asking to play.
  • The entirety of the Green/Earth Fairies series for teaching about the environment and showing that it's up to humans; while the fairies can help in-story, it's up to humans to truly fix things. Rachel and Kirsty are discouraged at first because it's such a big job for two girls, but by telling others, who then tell others, they feel encouraged that the planet can be saved.
    • They help out a lot of animals and places throughout the series as well, saving a deer from drinking polluted water, helping a seagull stuck in trash, and helping a coral reef that had been damaged by goblins and humans.
  • In Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy's book, Rachel and Kirsty agree to give the goblins their own Christmas stockings if it means they can get Natalie's back.
    "If it helps Natalie, then I'll happily give away my stocking," Rachel replied at once. "After all, Christmas isn't just about the presents that Santa delivers."
    • In the same book, before the girls head to the Ice Castle, Natalie gives them presents for being so kind: Brand-new stockings for Kirsty and Rachel, and a big juicy bone for Rachel's dog Buttons. They hang their new stockings up and set out treats for Santa and his reindeer before heading off.
    • At the book's climax, the girls are saddened when Jack Frost says he never got a Christmas stocking and figured his plan wouldn't have worked anyway, so Natalie gives him and the goblins their own stockings to have a merry Christmas.
  • In the Twins Fairies book, when Jack Frost tries to create an Evil Twin, the result is a good-hearted kindly clone named Jimmy Thaw. Jimmy helped the girls and fairies, and while he ceased to exist when the ring was recovered, he still exists in Jack Frost's heart.
  • Chelsea the Congratulations Fairy's book has Rachel and Kirsty telling a baseball-playing goblin that he's legitimately good at the sport, and congratulating Jack Frost for graduating in Ice Magic.
  • Lydia the Reading Fairy's book has Rachel and Kirsty feeling sorry for Jack Frost when he went to the trouble of writing a book that no one was interested in. Not only did they help his magical library become full of exciting books, they did a book report on the one he wrote.
  • Return to Rainspell Island is full of these, from Rachel and Kirsty's The Power of Friendship moments to Lydia's Heel–Face Turn at the end.