Trivia / Rainbow Magic

  • Cash Cow Franchise: In the UK at least, though it seems to be winding down a bit.
  • Development Hell: There have been talks of a TV show for years. All that's come out of it is the Return to Rainspell Island movie/OVA and it's very likely it'll be the only thing made.
  • No Export for You: A few fairies, such as Lindsay the Luck Fairy, Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy and Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy haven't come out in the UK.
    • Return To Rainspell Island has yet to come out outside the UK. Hope you're familiar with Bit Torrent.
    • A few series haven't made it to the US, such as the Talent Show Fairies, and a series of one-offs based on the Royal Family.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy and Juliet the Valentine Fairy were both named by fans of the series.