Heartwarming / Ragtime

  • Anything involving Tateh. Especially "Gliding." *sniff*
    • In the movie, once he's able to profit off a picture book, he takes his little girl to a sweet shop and buys her a feast of desserts which she shares with him.
  • "Sarah, my life has changed/Sarah, you've got to see/Sarah, we've got a son/SARAH, COME DOWN TO MEEEEE!"
  • So many, many moments, particularly "Wheels of a Dream", "Buffalo Nickel Photoplay inc." where we discover that after all his struggles, Tateh's made it in the movie industry and his daughter is living well. "Our Children", "Make Them Hear You", and the most heartwarming of all, when a still-infant, too-cute-for-words Coalhouse Walker III runs out into Mother's arms during the Epilogue, indicating he was Happily Adopted, adding already to the sweetness of Tateh and Mother's marriage, accompanied by a swirl of beautiful music. It was so incredibly touching.