Heartwarming / Outbreak Company

  • Every interaction between Misuel and Petralka from the ending of episode 3 and onwards.
  • Any time Elbia is feeling down about who she is as a werewolf and Shinichi manages to cheer her up.
  • The flashback Shinichi has in Episode 1 about his teacher from elementary school. While on a field-trip, she notices he's sitting away from the other children, reading manga during their free-period instead of playing. Instead of scolding him or taking away his comic, she simply sits down next to him and tells him he's free to read all the comics he wants. When this confuses him she asks what he thinks they're supposed to learn on a field-trip, and tells him that people can learn valuable life lesson from manga, not just textbooks.
    Teacher: We're here to learn the kinds of things you really just can't teach in a classroom, Shinichi. [...] Manga are books to, you know? And if you read them with the right frame of mind, they have valuable lessons in them. You can learn something from a comic-book if you absolutely want to.