Heartwarming / Otome Youkai Zakuro

  • Susukihotaru confides in Zakuro that she is intimidated by the size of her new partner Riken. Later when Riken sees Susukihotaru struggling to reach a high shelf he picks the item up for her and kneels before her, sincerely asking if this made her feel more comfortable.
  • Ganryu being able to tell Hozuki and Bonbori apart soon after being assigned to the Unit. This clearly delighted the twins to no end and helped to set-up Ganryu as being more insightful than anyone realized.
  • The scenes near the end of Episode 4 between Riken and Susukihotaru: silent empathy powered Love Confession!
  • Several scenes in the final episode
    Zakuro: ''Stupid. You're supposed to tell me when everything's settled.
    • The pinky swear between the twins and Hanakiri. The Glomp leads to in-universe OT3.