Heartwarming / 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

  • I loved the scene in "All Howls Eve" when, for the first time in the show, Gwen finally stood up for her little brother. Even if it was in a kind of backhanded way.
    Gwen: (as Flanco threatens Justin) Hey! Lighten up! He's my brother. He's a pathetic thumb sucking dweeb but he's my brother.
  • Near the end of the episode "Slam Punk", despite being initially embarrassing with the red shorts, Justin's dad really came through with some good tips and great advice.
  • Justin is forced by his parents to see a psychologist after seeing him talk to Eddie. When things get worse for Justin, Eddie goes to the Drifter for help, who refuses and threatens to take away some of Eddie's good deeds if he doesn't leave him alone. But Eddie tells him to go ahead and take away however many good deeds he wants if it means helping his bud Justin. The Drifter is so shocked and amazed by his selflessness that he decides to help him.