Heartwarming / Once Upon a Time in China

  • The tender and romantic "Aunt Yee" motiff, which flows from a Waltz played with Chinese Instruments to a Chinese Ballad played with Western insturments and back, whimsically yet sincerely encapsulates the film's message that it's your heart that makes you Chinese, not your appearance, clothing nor speech.
    • Wonderfully echoed in the finale of the First Film where Wong Fei Hung's Big Damn Heroes moment, though punctuated by his signature Theme Music Power-Up of "Under The General's Orders", has him weilding a western musket. Though he weilded a western firearm, his heroic heart is still that of a Chinese Warrior's.
  • The ending of Movie 1, wherin Doctor Wong embraces the changes of a new age and takes his first photograph with his "family" of students and loved ones in a western suit, to the backdrop of the aforementioned "Aunt Yee" theme. No matter how much may outwardly change, as long as one's heart stays true, China will never die.
  • The Not So Different montage of the Second-Movie where Eastern and Western Medicine join forces to heal the innocents injured by the White Lotus Cult's vicious attacks, to the backdrop of Wong Fei Hung's classic "Under The General's Orders" musical motiff; showing how in the end, all medicine is about healing the sick, whereever it may come from. The English Doctor/Embassador, who before sneered at Doctor Wong's attempt to heal the British with acupuncture, offered his warm gratitude and respect thereafter.
  • The sweet and quiet moments between Wong and Aunt 13 throughout the films where you could see them falling in love with each other.