Funny: Once Upon a Time in China

  • In the first movie, Buck-Teeth-Soo, known for a glaring Speech Impediment, somehow gets saddled with the task of delivering a vital message to Master Wong - which he does so flawlessly, causing those around him to catch his usual stammer in disbelief.
    "I rehearsed it on the way here!"
    • Earlier, Aunt Yee manages to trick Wong into learning the English phrase "I love you" and repeating it to her over and over - after which he teaches his dad, and they both repeat it to everyone as a form of greeting.
  • The second movie has a Running Gag involving Lian Quan being the least known of the regionally-famous Master Wong and company. Up until they come across the one group in China who hail from Lian's own hometown, and he sheds Manly Tears.
  • The fourth movie has Liang Quan roping in Club Foot Qi and a newbie to Po Chi Lam in one of his ridiculous schemes, resulting in them hiding from Wong every chance they get. One time Wong comes a-calling, and Liang answers the door, only to bolt when he realises who it is.
    Wong: "Wasn't there a man answering the door?"
    Servant: "Yes there was, but once he heard your name he fled."
    • Then Wong manages to identify all three of them just by pointing out Liang's anime-sized eyes, Qi's crick in his neck, and the newbie's single-eyelids. Cue Liang, Qi and the newbie peeking out of their hiding spot, with aforementioned traits deliberately exaggerated.
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