Funny / Once Upon a Time in China

  • In the first movie, Buck-Teeth-Soo, known for a glaring Speech Impediment, somehow gets saddled with the task of delivering a vital message to Master Wong - which he does so flawlessly, causing those around him to catch his usual stammer in disbelief.
    "I rehearsed it on the way here!"
    • Earlier, Aunt Yee manages to trick Wong into learning the English phrase "I love you" and repeating it to her over and over - after which he teaches his dad, and they both repeat it to everyone as a form of greeting.
  • The second movie has a Running Gag involving Lian Quan being the least known of the regionally-famous Master Wong and company. Up until they come across the one group in China who hail from Lian's own hometown, and he sheds Manly Tears.
  • The third movie has Fei Hung telling his father he wants to marry, but the latter did not know he was marrying Aunt 13. The revelation leaves him so shocked he couldn't move for a few minutes.
    • Later on, after thinking Aunt 13 ran away, he hugged her, and everyone, including his father, Lian Foon, Clubfoot Qi, and all his uncles, looked on like it was Head-Tiltingly Kinky for a few minutes.
    • And right after that, they all watched an accidental footage taken by Aunt 13's camera which was taken sideways and, again, everyone had the same Head-Tiltingly Kinky look, which lasted even until they finished watching.
  • The fourth movie has Liang Quan roping in Club Foot Qi and a newbie to Po Chi Lam in one of his ridiculous schemes, resulting in them hiding from Wong every chance they get. One time Wong comes a-calling, and Liang answers the door, only to bolt when he realises who it is.
    Wong: "Wasn't there a man answering the door?"
    Servant: "Yes there was, but once he heard your name he fled."
    • Then Wong manages to identify all three of them just by pointing out Liang's anime-sized eyes, Qi's crick in his neck, and the newbie's single-eyelids. Cue Liang, Qi and the newbie peeking out of their hiding spot, with aforementioned traits deliberately exaggerated.