Heartwarming / Oh God Not Again!

  • On Harry meeting Colin Creevey again, all he can think about is how small and pale he looked when he died in the first timeline. He then happily takes a photograph with Colin this time around.
    • He also makes more of an effort to be nice to Dennis, Colin's younger brother who was devastated when Colin died in the first timeline. Dennis had blamed Harry for it entirely.
  • Harry is determined not to let Cedric die this time around, especially once he gets to know him a little better than he did before.
    Harry: You're a good guy Cedric. Now again, graveyards.
    Cedric: Run like hell.
  • The scene where Harry, Ron, the twins and Percy find the Mirror of Erised. While Fred and George assumes Percy has some kind of power vision about being the Minister of Magic, Harry suspects the truth... his family finally accepting him.