Heartwarming / NYPD Blue

  • In "Hammer Time," Sipowicz, on his first day back after surgery on his prostate, wets himself while interrogating someone. He gets into the restroom as fast as he can, but Medavoy sees what happened. Medavoy goes into the restroom, where Sipowicz is hiding in a stall, and (without mentioning what happened) says that he has a spare pair of pants in his locker Sipowicz can use. Sipowicz, who was often quite a Jerk Ass (especially to Medavoy), takes the pants and sincerely thanks him.
  • Seeing Medavoy finally succeed both romantically and in starting a new career towards the end of season 12, and being able to retire from the NYPD happily, rather than in disgrace (as he was afraid would happen earlier in the same season).
  • Sipowicz is trying to get the owner of a store that sells surveillance equipment to tell him who purchased a particular device but because of the circumstances does not want to go through the proper channels. The shop owner blows him off initially, then Sipowicz tells him that the listening device sold was used to endanger a child. The owner quickly changes his mind and gives up the information, remarking about how crimes against children disgust him.