* Michael's coming out. He got even closer to his father.
* Ben finds out his old best friend has had a sex change it takes him a while to come to terms with it but then when [[MyBelovedSmother Roger's]] [[BitchInSheepsClothing mother]] insults her
->'''Nerys:''' Oh your disgusting, you with that strange deviant friend of yours\\
'''Ben:''' What Alphie?\\
''Nerys':''' That Charlie character\\
'''Ben:''' What?\\
''Nerys':''' Well its not normal is it\\
'''Ben:''' [[CallingTheOldWomanOut Normal, your talking to me about normal, buying pants for a man in his 30's and that's normal]]\\
''Nerys':''' And who buys your pants\\
'''Ben:''' My wife but that's not the point\\
'''Ben:''' What I'm trying to say is you can't stand here in my living room passing judgement on my best friend\\
'Nerys':''' Well you should choose your friends a bit more carefully then\\
'''Ben:''' I actually choose my friends very carefully, the only thing I regret is behaving like a.... well like you, sorry Roger. For your information Charlie is a considerate and loyal friend and not only dose she have a killer pair of legs but shes the only woman I know who knows the off-side rule. To be honest Nerys you might learn a lot about being a woman from my friend Charlie\\
(Realizes Charlie is behind him)\\
'''Charlie:''' Actually I'm a little hazy on the off-side rule.