%%[[folder:Series 1]]
%%[[AC:The Serpent's Tooth]]
%%[[AC:A Pain In The Class]]
%%[[AC:Droit De Seigneur Ben]]
%%[[AC:The Last Resort]]
%%[[AC:Farewell To Alarms]]
%%[[AC:Death And Ben Take A Policy]]
%%[[AC:The Awkward Phase]]
%%[[AC:Much Ado About Ben]]

%%[[folder:Series 2]]
%%[[AC:All Roads Lead To Ramon]]
%%[[AC:The Unkindest Cut]]
%%[[AC:Parisian Beauty]]
%%[[AC:Trust Never Sleeps]]
%%[[AC:Death And Ben Take A Holiday]]
%%[[AC:Driving Miss Crazy]]
%%[[AC:I Second That Emulsion]]
%%[[AC:The Age Of Romance]]
%%[[AC:Get Cartier]]
%%[[AC:Tis A Pity She's A Whore]]
%%[[AC:The Last Supper]]
%%[[AC:Ben Wants To Be A Millionaire]]

%%[[folder:Series 3]]
%%[[AC:Absent Vixen, Cheeky Monkey]]
%%[[AC:Shrink Rap]]
%%[[AC:Desperately Squeaking Susan]]
%%[[AC:Of Mice And Ben]]
%%[[AC:Imperfect Strangers]]
%%[[AC:The Second Greatest Story Ever Told]]
%%[[AC:Waiting To Inhale]]
%%[[AC:Auto Erotica]]
%%[[AC:A Handful Of Dust]]
%%[[AC:The Lost Weekend]]
%%[[AC:One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest]]
%%[[AC:Ding Dong Merrily]]

%%[[folder:Series 4]]
%%[[AC:Fitting Punishment]]
%%[[AC:They Shoot Harpers, Don't They?]]
%%[[AC:The Great Escape]]
%%[[AC:Return Of The Prodigal Prat]]
%%[[AC:Owed To Susan]]
%%[[AC:Blind Justice]]
%%[[AC:Friday The 31st]]
%%[[AC:Sitting Targets]]
%%[[AC:Loco Parentis]]
%%[[AC:The Canary Cage]]
%%[[AC:May The Best Man Win]]
%%[[AC:It's A Window Filled Life]]
%%[[AC:Sixty Feet Under]]

%%[[folder:Series 5]]
%%[[AC:The Mummy Returns]]
%%[[AC:You Don't Know Jack]]
%%[[AC:What's Up, Docklands?]]
%%[[AC:Luck Be A Lady Tonight]]
%%[[AC:First Past The Post]]
%%[[AC:My Will Be Done]]
%%[[AC:My Fair Charlady]]
%%[[AC:The Mouth Trap]]
%%[[AC:While You Weren't Sleeping]]
%%[[AC:Dentist To The Stars]]
%%[[AC:A Wife Less Ordinary]]
%%[[AC:The Book Of Love]]
%%[[AC:Going Dental]]
%%[[AC:Glad Tidings We Bring]]
%%[[AC:The Erroneous Storm]]
%%[[AC:...And I'll Cry If I Want To]]

%%[[folder:Series 6]]
%%[[AC:Bliss For Idiots]]
%%[[AC:The Spokes Person]]
%%[[AC:Dentally Unstable]]
%%[[AC:Living The Dream]]
%%[[AC:An Embarrassment of Susans]]
%%[[AC:And Other Animals]]
%%[[AC:The Art of Being Susan]]
%%[[AC:The Heart of Christmas]]

%%[[folder:Series 7]]
%%[[AC:The Ego Has Landed]]
%%[[AC:Four Affairs And A Funeral]]
%%[[AC:Once More With Feeling]]
%%[[AC:Dutch Art And Dutch Courage]]
%%[[AC:Susan Of Troy]]
%%[[AC:One Of The Boys]]
%%[[AC:Abi Ever After]]
%%[[AC:Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do]]
%%[[AC:Life Begins At Fifty]]
%%[[AC:Ho Ho No]]

%%[[folder:Series 8]]
%%[[AC:The Parent Trap]]
%%[[AC:Let's Not Be Heisty]]
%%[[AC:Cards On The Table]]
%%[[AC:One Step Too Far]]
%%[[AC:The Wax Job]]
%%[[AC:Neighbour Wars]]
%%[[AC:Can't Get No Satisfaction]]
%%[[AC:King For A Day]]
%%[[AC:The Abi Habit]]
%%[[AC:Have A Unhappy Christmas]]

%%[[folder:Series 9]]
%%[[AC:Bully For Ben]]
%%[[AC:Bringing Up Janey]]
%%[[AC:A Very Brief Encounter]]
%%[[AC:The Psyche of Mikey]]
%%[[AC:A Difficult Undertaking]]
%%[[AC:Dog Dazed]]
%%[[AC:It's Training Men]]
%%[[AC:The Guru]]
%%[[AC:Kenzo's Project]]
%%[[AC:2039: A Christmas Oddity]]

%%[[folder:Series 10]]
%%[[AC:Wheelie Ben]]
%%[[AC:The Son'll Come Out]]
%%[[AC:Desperately Stalking Susan]]
%%[[AC:The Melbourne Identity]]
%%[[AC:He's Just Not That Into Ben]]
%%[[AC:Ben Behaving Badly]]
%%[[AC:Harper vs. Harper]]
%%[[AC:Janey's Choice]]
%%[[AC:Mary Christmas]]

%%[[folder:Series 11]]
%%[[AC:Labour Pains]]
%%[[AC:Accusin' Susan]]
%%[[AC:Germs Of Endearment]]
%%[[AC:Relationship Happens]]
%%[[AC:A Decent Proposal]]
%%[[AC:Darts All, Folks]]
%%[[AC:Susan For A Bruisin']]
%%[[AC:A Night Out]]

* Michael's coming out. He got even closer to his father.
* Ben finds out his old best friend has had a sex change it takes him a while to come to terms with it but then when [[MyBelovedSmother Roger's]] [[BitchInSheepsClothing mother]] insults her
-->'''Nerys:''' Oh your disgusting, you with that strange deviant friend of yours\\
'''Ben:''' What Alphie?\\
'''Nerys:''' That Charlie character\\
'''Ben:''' What?\\
'''Nerys:''' Well its not normal is it\\
'''Ben:''' [[CallingTheOldWomanOut Normal, your talking to me about normal, buying pants for a man in his 30's and that's normal]]\\
'''Nerys''' And who buys your pants\\
'''Ben:''' My wife but that's not the point\\
'''Ben:''' What I'm trying to say is you can't stand here in my living room passing judgement on my best friend\\
'''Nerys:''' Well you should choose your friends a bit more carefully then\\
'''Ben:''' I actually choose my friends very carefully, the only thing I regret is behaving like a.... well like you, sorry Roger. For your information Charlie is a considerate and loyal friend and not only dose she have a killer pair of legs but shes the only woman I know who knows the off-side rule. To be honest Nerys you might learn a lot about being a woman from my friend Charlie\\
(Realizes Charlie is behind him)\\
'''Charlie:''' Actually I'm a little hazy on the off-side rule.