Heartwarming / Moby-Dick

  • Ahab, despite his thirst for vengeance, really isn't a bad guy. He rewards his crew with gold should they provide valuable info on Moby Dick, and shares drinks with his men, even Ishmael depsite only knowing him for a few seconds. Is it really a wonder how he was able to talk Starbuck out of shooting him before he even finds out he was about to, or that his crew would rally on his side from his words alone?
    • His sympathy for Pip after the cabin boy loses his mind goes a long way too, especially since it only seems to increase the more obsessed Ahab becomes with Moby Dick.
  • Queequeg and Ishmael's entire relationship. From the time that they become friends, they always have each others' backs, no matter how dangerous life on the Pequod becomes.