Heartwarming: Mission: Impossible

  • In Ghost Protocol, we find out at the end that Julia is still alive and well. Though she can never be united with Ethan, at least her death isn't on Ethan's conscience (and no longer on Brandt's) as the audience feels throughout the whole movie. Their brief look across the Seattle pier in the end puts out a final note of heartwarming happiness.
  • In the season three episode "The Exchange", Cinnamon makes a minor mistake (She opens a window too early, resulting in a pigeon flying in and setting off an alarm) and gets captured. By this time any regular watcher knows the drill with the IMF: She got caught, so she will be disavowed. But this doesn't happen. The team doesn't even consider the fact that SOP would be to write her off and get out of Dodge. They instead come up with and execute a plan to exchange her for a captured enemy agent (Getting him to spill the beans on his entire network along the way, making him useless to the enemy), so quickly that their superiors never get a chance to disavow her, or for her captors to get her to confess to anything other than knowing somebody named Jim.
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