Heartwarming: Mike And Molly

  • From the second episode:
    Mike: Let's see, when I picked her up she was loaded on codine and singing at the top of her lungs...
    Carl: So far, so good.
    Mike: She then proceeded to drink an entire bottle of very expensive wine, after which she yanked the hair out of my nose, started a fight with the waiter, and then passed out on the crapper...
    Carl: ...That doesn't sound so good.
    Mike: It wasn't, Carl! It was a total disaster!
    Carl: I'm sorry... I guess you'll never see her again.
    Mike: Are you kidding? I'm gonna marry that girl.
  • Mike proposes. Molly says yes.
  • And then there's the whole wedding.
  • When Mike reads Molly's second book, the story of Peggy's life, and it brings him to tears.
    Where are you going?
    I'm going to go hug my mom!