Heartwarming: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

  • Snake's and Otacon's special handshake and hug after the death of Emma; it showed that Snake did care for Otacon far better than any words could.
  • A bit more Heartwarming in the Japanese version, but still as much a Tearjerker: The pet parrot that Otacon removes from its cage after Emma's death says "big bro"/"onii-chan", "big bro Hal"/"Hal onii-chan", and "I want to see you/I miss you", indicating that despite the unhappiness between the two of them, Emma still loved Otacon as her older brother.
  • Snake using Gray Fox's last words from the previous game to inspire Raiden. Not only is Snake passing on his mentor's views to his new protege, but it also highlights just how much his life has changed since Shadow Moses incident - far from the self-described "hired killer" from Metal Gear Solid, Snake has grown into a man who fights for what he believes in rather than what he's told to do.
  • Snake's post-credits speech.