Heartwarming: Matthew Reilly

Seven Ancient Wonders
  • Stretch saves Lily from drowning in quicksand, despite being placed amongst Jack's team to betray them. Instead, he decides to follow him instead.
  • Both times Lily calls West "Daddy" and his reactions to it, which show just how much he loves her.
Ice Station
  • Scarecrow keeping a bedside vigil with his sunglasses off.
  • Swain reuniting with his daughter. Doubles as a CMOA with his Big Damn Heroes directly beforehand.
Six Sacred Stones Scarecrow
  • Mother's speech to Schofield that prevents him from committing suicide after Gant's death.
Five Greatest Warriors
  • West's discovery of the tomb of Jesus Christ. He refuses to look at the man's face, considering himself unworthy.
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