Funny / Matthew Reilly

Ice Station
  • A minor case of Medium Awareness.
    Kirsty: When you…when you went under the hovercraft, I thought…I thought you were dead.
    Schofield: Hey. It's OK. It's all right. I'm not going to die on you. I am not going to die on you. I mean, hey, I can't die. I'm the hero of this story.
  • The French commando Jean Petard gets blown up by the claymore mines he'd set - very literally hoist by his own petard.

Area 7
  • There's one point where the good guys have a few minutes to not be shot at. In this time, Braniac, one of Scarecrow's teams, decides to ask the President a question. They're in a situation where death is almost certain, they're vastly outnumbered and they're running out of time, and he decides to ask the President if America is keeping Puerto Rico as a territory because it has the highest rate of UFO sightings.
  • The bears.


Six Sacred Stones
  • Lachlan and Julius escape imprisonment by tricking motion sensors with Lily's toy robotic dog Sir Barksalot.

Five Greatest Warriors
  • Jack West dupes two Chinese interceptors with a smiley-faced sandbag mannequin George strapped into a pair of Gullwingsnote 

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves
  • Mother referring to herself as Scarecrow's 'Fairy Godmotherfucker'.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms
  • Jack being kidnapped with no idea he'd been chosen for the Games means he spends half this ancient ceremony designed to save all life on Earth in a Homer Simpson t-shirt and jeans.