* Heartwarming/TheBreaker
* Heartwarming/CavalierOfTheAbyss
* Heartwarming/CielTheLastAutumnStory
* Heartwarming/{{Crepuscule}}
* Heartwarming/{{Kubera}}
* Heartwarming/{{Lessa}}
* Heartwarming/{{Noblesse}}
* Heartwarming/TowerOfGod
* Heartwarming/WitchHunter

* At the end of the final episode of ''Koongya Koongya'', [[spoiler: Onion-Koongya and Wangye-Koongya were reunited and got together again.]]
* ''Webcomic/NineteenTwentyOne'' has too many to count, but particularly the ending when [[spoiler: Yun-lee and Dong-whi finally get together]].
* In ''Manhwa/TheTarotCafe'', there's the end of the story of a man who falls in love with a lake spirit. Their relationship seems doomed when he accidentally hits her three times, forcing her to return to living on the lake. [[spoiler:He gets around the problem and allows them to have a life together by buying a boat for them both to live on. And he proposes to her with a doughnut, instead of a ring (which is doubly sweet seeing as the lake spirit loves food more than jewelry).]]