Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger is a series dedicated to the bonds between family. Heartwarming moments are a given.

* When the Ozu siblings, after many long and difficult battles, [[spoiler:are finally reunited with their mother Miyuki.]]
* In stage 4, Urara [[TakingTheBullet shields Kai from the MOTW]], and [[TakenForGranite turned to stone as a result.]], despite being mad as all hell at him for having broken their mother's heirloom compact at the start of the episode. Then, after Kai defeats the monster and breaks the curse, Kai embraces his sister and she tells him that she knew she could count on him to save her, so she wasn't scared or worried at all.
* Stage 14, Tsubasa not only believes in Kai's ability to defeat the Monster of the Week, but also has confidence that one day, Kai will get Yamazaki to love him more than [=MagiRed=].
* Any time Miyuki's spirit shows up to help her children, or a flashback to when she was still around takes place.
** [[spoiler: Then, after she returns to her children, she astrally projects down into Infershia to find her husband and save him, all while treating it as no more dangerous than one would a trip down to the corner store.]]
* Anything Houka does which shows how much of the Heart she is. [[spoiler: She even befriended a Hades God, named Titan, when she learned he hated fighting and treasured life and convinced him not to do the Divine Punishment.]]