Heartwarming / Mahoraba

Here's why it's called Mahoraba: Heartful Days:
  • Of special note though is Sayoko stating that she still regards Asami as her daughter and wants to be with her.
  • The moment Haibane sets aside the Johnny puppet and speaks as himself, man-to-man and deadly serious, to Shiratori.
  • The Occult Club's president words to Tamami after Momo leaves are particularly heartwrenching and kind.
    • "The pain of loss is a precious feeling; because that feeling of loss means that you had a valuable friend, does it not?"
  • "All life is destined to end one day...It is extremely precious to meet and spend time with such a friend in this brief life that we have. Be happy you met such a person, and treasure those memories. I am envious of you. I, too, wish to meet one precious person who will give me that heartache of separation."