Heartwarming / Kobato.

  • Kobato's task is essentially to cause these. And the end of the anime. But that's really more of a YMMV.
  • In a meta-sense, seeing Chitose with Chiho and Chise (aka Chii and Freya). In their original universe, Chitose ended up losing both of her daughters, thus seeing them as mother and daughters is sweet.
  • The final chapter where Kobato and Fujimoto reuniting and Ushagi-san giving Fujimoto's memories back of Kobato.
    Fujimoto: " You're late. The person I love has finally come back."
    • The fact that Ginsei was the one to make the wish that Fujimoto would have his memories of Kobato back.
    • Also Suisho asking Ioryogi to wait for her and he promising that he will. " You're mine and I'm yours."
    • Sixteen years later, Sayaka and Okiura are managing the kindergarten as a husband and wife team, with Okiura's father not involved at all.