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Headscratchers: Kobato
  • If Kobato can't take off her hat, how does she change them?
    • She can take off her hat. She just can't take it off in public.
    • Alternatively, veeeery carefully. Like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'', but without screwing up.
  • Perpetual Poverty + Unlimited Wardrobe = WTF?
    • Maybe from her landlady? Seeing how she was in Chobits, it wouldn't surprise me if she gave clothes to Kobato.
    • Maybe the WMG is right?
  • Wait a minute, it's not suppossed that one of CLAMP's golden rules is that the dead REMAIN DEAD!? The anime series just pulled off a Back from the Dead for Kobato at the end, is she a clone or something? I remember Yuuko mentioning that clones are one of the few exceptions to this rule.
    • Well, yes, but also there is GOD interfering with it....maybe logic in Clampuniverse doesn't apply to him...
    • There was another series CLAMP did with a back from the dead character... a weak rule it seems.
    • They do talk about reincarnation rather than revival - Kobato just gets a bonus of having her memories retained / restored.
    • The rule is that the dead are impossible to be brought back BY MAGIC. Yuuko, Clow, Fei Wang and the other magicians are unable to do so, but Kobato's case is being handled by God, not by magicians.
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