Heartwarming / Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
aka: Kick Buttowski

  • "A Cousin Kyle Christmas": Kick tends to find his cousin Kyle unbearably annoying; so much so that when he gets Kyle in the family gift name draw, he tries to trade. But then he sees Kyle's overjoyed reaction to getting to spend Christmas with his favourite cousin, and his quiet, radient, dewy-eyed contentment at just sitting beside the tree. And he foregoes sledding with his winter partner, the sled called Blue Lightning, digs out his "street legal hovercraft" fund, and sets out to buy Kyle a really awesome present. He ends up going through a huge ordeal, only to lose the present at the last minute. But Kyle doesn't mind; he's happy simply to spend Christmas with Kick.
  • "Snow Problem": Kick wrecks the fancy-schmancy high tech ski lodge in his efforts to free his family from the avalanche that buried the house. When the owners and guests finally chase Kick down, he asserts he was only doing what he had to do to save his family — and that he defied any of them to say they wouldn't do anything to save those beautiful faces. True, the family was all glowering at him for getting them into the mess in the first place, and Kick was himself mostly giving the speech in the hopes of getting out of trouble. It was still sweet.
  • From "Flush and Release". One word:
    Mr. Vickle: G...G...Goldy?
  • Kick finding out his mom taped over one of her old daredevil videos, with him getting his daredevil suit and the subsequent teary eyes from Kick.
    • In "Sleepover", Kick and Gunther wants to catch the late-night showing of a hard-to-get movie. But to get access to the TV, they have to tire out Brianna and the guests at her pajama party by playing games with them. They succeed, but they themselves fall asleep in the process, just as the movie is about to start. When they wake up at noon the next day, Brianna tells Kick and Gunther that she recorded the movie they wanted to see as a way of saying thank you for making her sleepover more fun. Aww.
  • The episode "Sold!". In a nutshell, we discover that Kick will do anything, anything, to make his best friend happy, even marry Jackie.
  • "Kart to Kart": After his dad buys the kart racing track, Gordon intends to throw his weight around by banning Kick. Kick doesn't care since Gordon running the track makes it not worth his time and because he knows he can outrace him anyway. After Kick mocks him in front of the other kids, Gordon takes it out on Brad by firing him. Kick immediately accepts the challenge to race and demands Brad be rehired if he wins.
    Kick: No one messes with my older brother.
    • During the race, Gordon's flunkies try to help him win by sabotaging Kick's kart, but Brad attacks them.
      Brad: No one messes with my little brother.

Alternative Title(s): Kick Buttowski