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Heartwarming: Kamen Rider Kuuga
  • The buildup to Yusuke's rematch with the Rhino Grongi is one for both him and his old school teacher, who discovers that Yusuke took the words he said about protecting everyone's smiles to heart.
  • Practically the entirety of episode 47 and the first half of 48 involve Yusuke Godai meeting up with his friends to give himself strength for the Final Battle.
  • Episode 49, after all the horrifying damages caused by the Grongis, seeing the characters finally managing to return to their peaceful life, just bring a smile to you face. Especially the ending, with Yusuke traveling the world, no longer burdened with having to become Kuuga.
  • More meta than anything, but recent compiled information shows that the rumors that Joe Odagiri disliked his role as Godai aren't exactly based in reality. A particular heartwarmer is him attending the wedding of his onscreen sister! Give the overall status of the series in the minds of fans, it definitely takes a load off this editor's mind knowing that Odagiri still feels positive about his time on the show.
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