Awesome / Kamen Rider Kuuga

  • Merely existing. Look at it this way: Kuuga was able to bring back the Kamen Rider brand out of limbo and help launch it into the mega franchise it is today. Only a truly awesome show could do that.
  • Another meta example: The Kuuga Curse (in which any attempt at translating the series gets cancelled sometime after the tenth episode) being broken by Midnight Crew Subs after 10 years of being subbed. This even prompted TV-Nihon to resume their long-abandoned translation.
  • Many of Kuuga's fights, but a few take the cake.
    • Kuuga's bike-on-bike battle with Go-Badaa-Ba. Or really, any time he uses bike fu because he's one of the best Riders at using it.
    • Any time he masters a new form for the first time is a memorable moment.
      • Transforming to Mighty after a rousing speech about what he's decided to fight for as a church burns down around him, Ichijo, and the Grongi they're fighting. It was the first time he made his legendary Badass Boast, and when he told everyone to witness his henshin, we ALL listened.
      Yusuke: I fight to protect people's smiles, so that nobody will have to cry! So please watch... My henshin!
      • Showing off some impressive moves combined with acrobatic skill when he finally learns he needs the rod for Dragon form.
      • Mastering Pegasus by snatching the bee-like sniper monster's projectile out of midair then one-shotting it with his own blaster. The Grongi screams like a little girl in fear.
      • Titan's debut features Kuuga no-selling the monster's explosive spitting attack while slowly advancing on it, stopping the last one with his hand and then running it through with his sword.
    • Episode 35. Kuuga delivers an unbelievable smackdown to Go-Jaraji-Da, a monster that really, really deserves it.
      • To wit: After finding the Grongi in the hospital, Yusuke transforms while running at it, tackles it out the window, and then just starts pounding its head into the pavement, screaming the whole time. Once it starts to fight back he summons Gouram and then rams it, driving Jaraji all the way to the lake on the front of his bike. Jaraji tries to kill Kuuga by stabbing him close-range but Kuuga sees it coming and transforms to Titan, shrugging the attack off. When he gets to the lake he comes to a screeching stop, throwing the Grongi into the water. Then he draws his sword and slowly walks toward Jaraji (who is whimpering in terror at this point), silently transforming to Rising Titan, then slashing the Grongi and finally knocking it on the ground and finishing it off with a brutal Rising Calamity Titan, after screaming during that curbstomp as well.
      • It also dips into Nightmare Fuel, as the scene is meant to draw concern for Yusuke's psyche. Up until this point, we never really saw Yusuke actually get angry. He's always nice and likes to make people smile. Then he got pushed too far.
    • Ichijo deserves a mention for his sheer dedication to his job even when badly injured. He also is the only normal human in the series to take out any Grongi.
    • Episode 16: Kuuga does a finishing move on a truck so hard that it somehow kills the Grongi driving it!
  • Yuusuke's Rider Kick up until his confrontation with Zu-Zain-Da were mostly incidental at best (a simple side kick or a jump kick). However, after being defeated by him, he practices his Rider Kick until it becomes the memorable flying side kick we all know and love.
  • When Godai appears as Kuuga in Wizard's epilogue, he is capable of using Rising Ultimate (a previously Decade-only final form for Kuuga) without any issues unlike his AR counterpart Onodera, who struggled with Rising Ultimate the first time he uses it.