Heartwarming / Insidious

  • From the first film, Josh's reason to go along with getting help from Elise: He wants to see his son again. Say what you want about Josh being a complete idiot throughout the film, but the fact he's defining common sense shows how determined he is to get his son back.
  • Josh's reunion with his son in the astral plane was incredibly satisfying and heartwarming.
  • From the second film: Elise comforting Josh and insisting it wasn't his fault she died, the same could be said with her telling Carl that he tried his best to help the family.
  • Specs and Tucker's attitude in the second film following Elise's death shows them pretty somber, as if she was their surrogate mother. Poor guys!
  • Josh trying to contact Renai by playing her favorite song on the piano in the second film. It didn't work, but still.
  • The third film shows Quinn being saved by her mother, and even being assured she'll always be with her.
    • Elise seeing her deceased husband left something for her on their bed.
      I love you too, Jack.
  • And beforehand, we see Carl from Chapter 2 telling Elise she should help Quinn and her family, by showing her a photo of Josh and his family, saying she helped him live a normal life.
  • While The Last Key is arguably the darkest of the film's entire series, it has some heartwarming pieces:
    • Elise and Christian's full reunion, where the two finally hug after Christian has been bitter at her for abandoning him to their father.
    • Elise showing some comfort in her abusive home, such as seeing old toys of her past and even finding the whistle her late mother gave Christian.
    • Elise's reunion with her mother.