YMMV / Insidious

  • Complete Monster: From the sequel: The Woman In White, AKA Michelle Crane, is a vicious ghost. When she was mortal, Crane tormented her young son Parker after Parker's father left them. She'd force Parker into girls' clothing and to believe himself as a little girl. When Parker grew up, she forced him to become a twisted Serial Killer who would be dubbed The Bride In Black. Parker, at her urging, would claim fifteen victims before her death, whereupon he committed suicide. When her son possessed the hero Josh, Michelle tried to get him to murder Josh's entire family, Josh's children included.
  • Crowning Momentof Funny: In the sequel, Tucker and Specs encounter Parker Crane as a little "girl". Crane eerily warns them that "if she sees you [in the room], she'll make me kill you." The two simply turn around and trot briskly from the room.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: From the first film, Josh's reason to go along with getting help from Elise: He wants to see his son again. Say what you want about Josh being a complete idiot throughout the film, but the fact he's defining common sense shows how determined he is to get his son back.
    • From the second film: Elise comforting Josh and insisting it wasn't his fault she died, the same could be said with her telling Carl that he tried his best to help the family.
    • Specs and Tucker's attitude in the second film following Elise's death shows them pretty somber, as if she was their surrogate mother. Poor guys!
    • Josh trying to contact Renai by playing her favorite song on the piano in the second film. It didn't work, but still.
    • The third film shows Quinn being saved by her mother, and even being assured she'll always be with her.
      • Elise seeing her deceased husband left something for her on their bed.
      I love you too, Jack.
    • And beforehand, we see Carl from Chapter 2 telling Elise she should help Quinn and her family, by showing her a photo of Josh and his family, saying she helped him live a normal life.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Specs and Tucker are extremely popular with the fanbase. Elise is also popular enough that she became the deuteragonist of Chapter 3.
  • Ho Yay: Tucker and Specs.
  • Iron Woobie: Elise, let's face it. She dies in the first film and yet takes it with stride, even telling Josh it isn't his fault she's now dead and telling Carl he did what he could to help the Lambert family. The third film takes it Up to Eleven to reveal she wasn't always the Cool Old Lady that she was, showing her as a pretty somber woman dealing with the loss of her husband, only to go back onto the supernatural wagon when she needed to help Quinn and her family. Not bad for a woman who's still helping even in death.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: The first film has gotten a not-insignificant amount of criticism for, essentially, having the exact same plot of Poltergeist almost beat-by-beat and even having scenes that are extremely similar to ones in it.
  • Most Annoying Sound: That baby walker in the second movie. Anyone would become a psycho slasher after one day in the same house as that.
  • Narm / Nightmare Retardant: The viral marketing for the movie had an Alternate Reality Game called Voice From The Further, about a blog maintained by a woman who also mysteriously fell into a coma as a small child and is now trying to discover what happened to her. Some parts are genuinely creepy, mentioning ill-spirited ghosts and figures like The Redfaced Man, but then let down by obvious photoshop jobs and amateur video. Case in point.
    • The hula-dance scene.
    • A lot of people thought the gas mask was funny rather than eerie, same with the little dancing kid.
    • One of the film's big scary moments is supposed to be when Josh discovers Dalton imprisoned in the Further with the demon, but since the demon has a penchant for listening to Tiny Tim, his infernal lair looks like the set of a Meatloaf video, and he's first properly shown cheerfully sharpening his claws while listening to his favourite tune, it can be hard to take him as seriously after that.
    • The demon himself can be this. Quoting CinemaSins: "Why is Darth Maul in this movie?" Also, in the credits, he even goes by the name of "Lipstick Demon".
    • Also, the demon guarding the door Lipstick Demon's lair isn't so bad once you get a pep talk, and unleash a Street Fighter move on him.
      Jeremy of Cinema Sins: "Really? that's all it took to fend off the demon? A little pep talk and a Street Fighter move?"
      • He's not all that scary in the first place, seeing as he's basically just some buff dude with a lot of makeup on and both of his most significant scenes in either movie end with him getting his ass kicked, bringing to mind a WWE Heel Jobber.
    • When looking for Kali in chapter 2 the ghost comes out of nowhere and screams "DON'T YOU DAAAAAARE!" and bitchslaps Renai through a table, although it will make you jump it is more funny than scary.
    • The Old Man In The Further. "He's got your baby." Even in the trailer it's hilarious.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel:
    • There's still some cheese, sure, but at the very least, Chapter 2 does a good job of avoiding the first film's blunderous Narm. However, critics seem to think the opposite, judging by the fact that the film sports a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes in comparison to IMDB's 7.1 and Cinemascore's B+.
    • Critics considered Chapter 3 a step up from 2, with it sporting a 52% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, same as the first film.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The whole plot point about Josh being suspected of Elise's murder seems like it is going to play a major role at the beginning of the second movie, only to be quickly dropped and never brought up again.
    • Not completely. A little later in the film, Renai receives a phone call from the detective that interviewed her to let her know that the DNA tests showed it wasn't Josh that killed Elise. It was Josh's body that strangled Elise, yet the DNA provided on the wounds are not Josh's. So this is there to show just how much reach Parker Crane has, actually being able to change his host's DNA.
  • The Woobie: Dalton in the first film.
    • Parker Crane as a child especially when you see how his mother treated him. Becomes Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds as he grows old and post-death.
    • Despite some critiques due to Too Dumb to Live moments, Josh as well. For this troper, he's a Deconstruction of the typical horror movie father: He's shown as very worried about what's wrong with his son, and when it comes to the supernatural aspects, he obviously dismisses them. But when he realizes they are true, he's willing to go with it, mainly because he wants to see his son again. The revelation that Parker Cane was constantly following him all his life, and then trapping him in the Further makes him more of a Woobie.