Heartwarming / Indy Car

  • Many years ago, Tony Kanaan gave a good luck charm to an Ill Girl about to have surgery. In 2013, the now grown and fully recovered girl mailed it back to him, telling him that he needed the luck now and take it to win the Indy 500. He won that year, and when asked about it, pulled the good luck charm out that he had kept in his pocket the entire race.
  • Alex Zanardi's entire career after his double amputation in 2001. Returned to racing, won multiple races in touring cars, then won the New York City Marathon and three Paralympic medals, including two golds, in handcycling. The handcycling events were held at the famous Brands Hatch race course, to make it even more special. To go full circle with Kanaan's long-coming Indy win, during a post-race interview, Zanardi said that he and TK has had a conversation before the race about how if Alex could win the golds, there was no way that Tony couldn't win the 500.
    • And in 2014, Alex went on to race in the fastest production-based racecars on the planet in the Blancpain Sprint Series.
  • Max Chilton took his talents to Indy Lights from Formula One after being displaced from his ride at Marussia, where he was teamed with Jules Bianchi until the latter's tragic crash at Suzuka, which left Bianchi in a coma until his death in July 2015. The weekend of Bianchi's death, Chilton won the pole for Indy Lights race at Iowa Speedway, and then the race itself, dedicating them to Bianchi and family. Even sweeter, Chilton added in an interview after qualifying, "I know if (Jules) was here today, he would have been on pole as well." Quite a praising statement to an old friend.
  • If you're looking for a legacy to the late Justin Wilson's career: While being alive, he decreed that organs would be donated after his death. Tragically he'd die due to injuries sustained at the 2015 Pocono 500, but he made true of his promise nonetheless and his organs were donated to six (!) people. For this, he truly deserves the attribute "the late great"!
    • After Wilson's death, the entire racing community rallied around his family. All the drivers at the next Indycar race agreed to donate their helmets to a charity auction for Wilson's children. Drivers and teams from other racing series, including reigning F1 champion Lewis Hamilton donating his racing suit. Fans made donations to a fund for Wilson's children. By time the auction closed, $637,067 had been raised for Wilson's children.