Funny / Indy Car

  • The multi car pile-up at CART's 1996 U.S. 500. What made matters even funnier, was ESPN announcer Bob Varsha praising the professionality of the CART grid...only for the pile-up to begin. In hindsight, this might qualify as an Epic Fail for CART.
    • It gets even better, when you consider that many people predicted the IRL's Indy 500 to be the crashfest of the weekend. To sum it up: The inexperienced rookies from the Indy Racing League started way better than the experienced pros from CART.
  • The 2011 New Hampshire race. Will Power flipping BOTH birds to the race officials for their decision to restart the race under wet conditions. Enough said.
  • Graham Rahal's response to his dad giving him strategy pointers at the 2014 race at Mid-Ohio:
    Dad, please just let me drive the car, thank you!
  • Will Power winning the 2014 Indy Car championship? Awesome. Will's brother Damien running through the streets of Will's hometown in his underwear celebrating it? Hilarious.
  • EVERYTHING James Hinchcliffe does. This man is a walking Crowning Moment Of Funny, while still staying respectful to his upbringing. Here are a few of his best moments.