Heartwarming / Horrible Bosses

For all the shit that they give Dale (and boy, do they), the sequel has several moments that show that Dale is The Heart of their group, and that Nick and Kurt do actually care about him:
  • When Stacy and the triplets visit Dale at the guys' new warehouse near the beginning of the movie, we see Nick and Kurt both kiss Stacy on the cheek, and each of the guys holds one of the triplets. It's a very brief moment, but cute.
  • When Stacy shows up at the hotel room and incorrectly suspects Dale of having an affair, Kurt and Nick both immediately try to help Dale fix the problem (though, in typical fashion, they only end up making things worse).
  • When Dale gets shot by Rex, Nick and Kurt are both clearly horrified, and immediately rush to Dale's side to check on him. Nick even strokes his hair and tells him he'll be all right, though Kurt, as usual, is a bit of a dick about it.
  • On the same note, when Dale wakes up in the hospital, his two best friends are the people in the room with him. Nick has his hand on Dale's shoulder and strokes his hair, and both of them are very visibly happy to see Dale awake.