Awesome / Horrible Bosses

  • Dale gets an amazing one right at the end. Having enlisted "Motherfucker" Jones and another of the protagonists' friends, he is able to video tape Julia ripping the pants off of the friend and about to have sex with him while he was was faking being asleep from the gas. Once they have the evidence, Dale then states that he and his fiance will be going on an expensive two-week honeymoon that Julia will be paying for and concludes by screaming, "YOU CRAZY! BITCH! WHORE!" right in her face.
    • He gets another one earlier: the police have brought in the protagonists for questioning about Bobby's murder. Dale, having watched a lot of Law & Order, almost effortlessly deduces that there isn't enough evidence to arrest or hold them, and gets the cops to let them go.
  • Nick gets one too when he punches out Harkin right before he gets arrested.
  • "In answer to your question, yes, that was your wife."
  • "Guess I'm gonna be gettin' that promotion after all."
  • Atmanand saving everyone's asses after their digital recorder fails.
  • In the sequel, just like in the original, Dale gets two: a pretty good one before the climax, and an even better one later:
    • After Julia shows up at the protagonists' hotel room, throws a wrench in their plans, and causes a major Mistaken for Cheating moment between Dale and Stacy (which Dale believes will end his marriage), Dale finally snaps and pretends to agree to have sex with her...only to then lock her in the hotel bathroom so the trio can leave.
    • When Rex takes Detective Hatcher hostage, Kurt, Nick, and all of the other cops watch helplessly. Dale, however, is so enraged at the thought of Rex becoming a Karma Houdini that he tries to attack the culprit, even though the latter has a gun. Granted, Dale does quickly get shot for doing so, but it looked completely awesome, and this reckless but brave act indirectly saved the day and kept the trio from getting into much worse trouble than they otherwise would have.
      Here comes the "Predator" now, bitch.
  • Motherfucker Jones's scene at the end, when he dumps the entire bag of $5 million on the Pinkberry rep's desk. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.